Our Founder, Lee Wood

Our Founder:
Lee Wood

In 1946 after returning from serving in the U.S. Navy, Lee Wood started Lee Wood Contracting with one small shovel and a dump truck. Through sacrifice, hard work, business savvy and perhaps a bit of luck, Lee and his sons grew the business to the Lee Wood Contracting, Inc. that is widely known today for its heavy highway/civil construction expertise and aggregate supply.

Bay City, Michigan - North Lagoon Reclamation and Reconstruction Project

Lee Wood Contracting removed and disposed of 130,000 yards of residuals. Followed by the removal of residuals were the reconstruction of a ten-acre, three-cell lagoon, and the construction of a geo-synthetic liner.

Bay City Water Treatment Lagoons

The Bay City North Lagoon completed.

Bay City Lagoon Reclamation Project in Progress - the work of Lee Wood Contracting

The Bay City Water Treatment Lagoon - under construction by Lee Wood Contracting.